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Kira Kira Nail Spa is Kitsilano's premier nail salon for exquisite Japanese style nail art, gel nails and lashes. We think you will be delighted with your experience, whether you have your nails done for a special occasion, get fabulous lash extensions, or stop by for a luxurious pedicure. Our certified technicians are ready to consult on your personalized service.

We have a great selection of Presto gel colours, made in Japan from materials used in dentistry to ensure safety and performance. We also use quality gels from BIO SCULPTURE, Akzéntz, IBD, O•P•I, loveon, and GellyFit. Choose from a variety of rich colours, bold neons, soft pastels, vibrant reds, dazzling glitters, shimmering cat eye and cool metallics.

We pair our ultra soft and light weight lash extensions with a high quality Canadian sourced adhesive to provide you with dramatically beautiful lashes.

BIO SCULPTURE gels and polishes are <i>vegan</i>, <i>animal cruelty‑free</i>, and <i>"10‑free" non‑toxic</i>: no formaldehyde, no toluene, no dibutyl phthalate (DBP), no formaldehyde resin, no camphor, no triphenyl phosphate (TPhP), no xylene, no ethyl tosylamide/epoxy resin, no parabens, no sulfates/sulphates.


BIOGEL hard gel, EVO soft gel, and GEMINI polish are vegan, animal cruelty‑free, and "10‑free" non‑toxic (made without 10 of the most harmful chemicals found in other formulas).

BIO SCULPTURE gels and polishes are <i>vegan</i>, <i>animal cruelty‑free</i>, and <i>"10‑free" non‑toxic</i>: no formaldehyde, no toluene, no dibutyl phthalate (DBP), no formaldehyde resin, no camphor, no triphenyl phosphate (TPhP), no xylene, no ethyl tosylamide/epoxy resin, no parabens, no sulfates/sulphates.

BIOGEL won't chip or wear away at the free edge for up to 3–4 weeks. GEMINI polish available in 100 colours.

Soak-off Gel Nails


Our nail salon uses odor‑free LED gels that cure without drying solvents and other harmful ingredients.

Canadian company, Akzéntz, has been innovating gels for nail professionals and salons, worldwide, for over 30 years in its Vancouver production facility.

Gels cure quickly and create a strong flexible protective layer on the nail that lasts up to 2–3 weeks without chipping, peeling or lifting. All gel nails have our guarantee.

Hard Gel Nails


The hard gels we use are solvent‑free, completely odourless, and produced from the highest grade Canadian, American, and European sourced ingredients.

Hard gels are unmatched in durability and longevity, making them suitable for all lifestyles. Lasts up to 3–4 weeks.

Extensions (and removal of our own fills) included. Upgrade to formed/sculpted extensions available. Colourless (clear) can be applied to natural nails. All gel nails have our guarantee.

Nail Art


Commission new art or add your personal flair to existing designs that suit your fashion sense.

Skilled nail artists will create designs to allow you to express your personal style.

Incorporate special colours such as cat eye gel, metallic effects, fancy stones, decals, Swarovski crystals, etc. View our nail gallery or Instagram for inspiration.



Treat yourself to a rejuvenating manicure by our talented nail technicians. We now offer 100 colours of GEMINI polish, by BIO SCULPTURE, which is animal cruelty‑free, vegan, and "10‑free" non‑toxic.

Therabath warm paraffin therapy* provides relief from pain caused by arthritis, joint inflammation or muscle stiffness. It is also used to moisturize skin and provide warming comfort.

*Offered with gel or non-polish services only, as it reduces the longevity of polish.



Revive your feet in our luxurious pedicure spa. There's now an option to upgrade to GEMINI polish in 100 new colours. It's a vegan, animal cruelty‑free, and "10‑free" non‑toxic nail polish made by BIO SCULPTURE.

Our comfortable arm chairs are located in just the right position for you to receive a pampering pedicure.

Foot basins allow for immersion up to the lower calf muscles, and feature whirlpool action from hygienic pipeless waterjets for an ultimate relaxation experience.

Lash Extensions


We proudly use Canadian‑based company Sugarlash PRO's quality low‑fume adhesives that are cruelty‑free, ethically manufactured, latex‑free, and formaldehyde‑free.

Cruelty‑free and Ethically Manufactured

Choose from a selection of various extension lengths, curves, and diameters to achieve the look you want. We also do lash lifts and tinting. All extensions have our guarantee.

Bridal Services


Congratulations! Contact us if you would like to book a consultation meeting for nail or lash services.

We recommend booking appointments for members of your bridal party one to three months prior to the wedding date.


Our health policy

For the health protection of yourself, fellow clients, and technicians, we perform a nail inspection during a brief consultation prior to nail services. If signs of a nail fungal infection are observed, we must respectfully ask that you please refrain from having nail services performed until it is treated. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. You are welcome to return after the infection is fully treated and cured.

Please help us keep our salon safer by following this recommendation: If you are feeling unwell with symptoms such as body aches, fever, runny nose, caughing, sore throat, or shortness of breath, please reschedule your appointment to a later date. Don't worry, we'll understand. 🙂 Thank you for understanding that Kira Kira Nail Spa complies with health safety best practices.

Products we use

Prices subject to change without notice

Antibacterial soak, nail shape, buff, cuticle care, massage, regular polish application.
Sea salt foot bath, nail shape, buff, cuticle care, callus removal, massage, regular polish application.
Mani + Pedi Combo¹
Antibacterial finger soak, sea salt foot bath, nail shape, buff, cuticle care, callus removal, massage, regular polish application.

¹Remember to wear or bring open toe footwear.

NEW! Vegan, "10‑FREE" non‑toxic GEMINI
Sugar scrub with organic oils
Paraffin (with gel or non-polish services)
Designs (per nail)
Hand crafted designs.
Swarovski Elements
A wide range of stone sizes and colours to choose from.
for 3
Gel (aka shellac, soft gel) Manicure²
Nail shape, buff, cuticle care, soak-off gel (shellac) application. ² No massage.
Gel (aka shellac, soft gel) Pedicure
Sea salt foot bath, nail shape, buff, cuticle care, callus removal, massage, soak-off gel (shellac) application.
Gel overlay
Bio Sculpture EVO gel
Removal with service
Removal only
Non-guarantee repairs (per nail)
Hard Gel Colour, new set/refill
BIOGEL Hard Gel, new set/refill
Akzéntz Hard Gel, new set/refill
Colourless (clear), new set/refill
Matte top coat
Cat Eye or Chrome
Formed extensions
Removal only (hard gel or acrylic)
Non-guarantee repairs (per nail)
Classic, new set³
Classic, mini refill³
Classic, refill³
Classic+, new set³
Classic Volume, new set³
One extension is bonded per lash for the most natural look.
Volume, new set³
Volume, mini refill³
Volume, refill³
Volume+, new set³
Dramatic Volume, new set³
Two to three extensions are attached per lash for greater density, but still remains natural looking.

³Avoid curling your lashes and applying mascara prior to service. Mascara greatly reduces glue efficacy.

Lash lift
Lash tinting
Removal with service
Removal only
Feel free to contact us for consultation.

Our guarantees

We want you to be happy with your new gel nails and lash extensions.

Kira Kira Nail Spa guarantees that all soak-off gel (shellac) nails will not lift, chip, or break for one week; and two weeks for hard gel nails. If any of these occur, please return within 7 days of application for a free soak-off gel repair, or 14 days of application for a free hard gel repair. These guarantees do not cover accidental nail breakage, and do not allow for changes to the original gel colour or nail art design.

If there are any problems with your lash extensions, please return within 48 hours of application for a complimentary extensions fix.

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Walk-ins welcome, appointments recommended

Our salon is located on West 4th Avenue, one block east of Macdonald Street. Wi‑Fi and USB phone charging are available during your stay. There is free street parking nearby and bus stops conveniently located a few steps away.

 2676 West 4th Avenue
 Vancouver, BC, Canada

 (604) 704–8819

 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM daily.
 Closed on Christmas Day,
 Boxing Day, New Year's Day.

 Parking on West 4th Ave,
 Trafalgar St, Stephens St,
 West 3rd Ave, West 5th Ave.

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